Location: StandoutJobs, 3981 boul. St. Laurent, Suite 615, Montreal

A friend of mine jokes: "You should do the next one the day of the Stanley Cup final" ... we will track the game close to live as we can :)

Here are the presentations for tonight.

Asterisk and Python by Cyril Robert

Asterisk, allows the average user to do pretty much anything he wants with his telephony system. It is open source and billed as the "future of telephony".

The first step in using asterisk is understanding it correctly, which will be the first part of Cyril's lecture. The second part will focus on how to take advantage of Python to make asterisk a whole lot easier.

PyQT and PyOpenGL: Live hacking a toy app by Yannick Gingras.

For the first 35 mins, Yannick will hack a toy app from scratch using PyQt and PyOpenGL. After that, he will answer questions for 10 minutes.


Michael Deutsch also proposed we take a look at the introduction by Guido Van Rossum of Google App Engine - if we have time and if you guys want to :)

See you all tonight.