We are back, with a new location and a cool presentation in store for you. Thursday September 25th @ 18h30 at http://labanque.ca/ - 175 Roy Map.  Our presentation will be from Hugo. Here is the intro.

Python for the machinist
In this presentation, I will show you how I use Python to create physical objects, circuits and machine elements. This presentation will walk you through simple python programs that generate instructions for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment, and  include a live demo where a 'useful' object will be created  on a personal milling machine. There should be ample time left for an interesting technical discussion to follow.
We will have refreshments available (beer, soda) as well as some food.

Also, there will be time for lightning talks, announcements before the presentation. The registration is back on the wiki...  http://www.barcampmontreal.org/wiki/MontrealPython4