Last Thursday, we ran our 6th sprint on the Python packaging system. Most people worked on distutils2 and its test suite although a few were undertaking the implementation of new features in the 2to3 automated migration tool.

This sprint was a turning point in our sprint series because we managed to get enough notoriety to convince two sprinter to join us remotely despite a massive six hours timezone difference. Alexis Métaireau and Éric Araujo, both living in France and both Google summer of code students on the Python packaging system, joined us util the end of the sprint, around 7am in their timezone. Their participation was very helpful since they were able to answer many questions regarding the road-map and what was in the pipe for various sub-systems of the packaging eco-system. Since they both the commit privilege in the canonical repository, it was very motivating for everyone in Montréal to see their contributions being merged on the fly.

Congratulations to all the sprinter who resisted the call of the terraces to work on the Python packaging system:

  • Éric Araujo (remote from France)
  • Nicolas Cadou
  • Alex Gal
  • Yannick Gingras
  • Alexis Métaireau (remote from France)
  • George Peristerakis
  • Luis Rojas

We will have more sprint in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the announcements.


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