update:the event was moved from the 23rd to the 30th.

Montréal-Python 9 will take place at UQAM, on Wednesday 2009-09-30 in room PK-5115 of the President-Kenedy building. The PK building is located at 201 Président-Kenedy, the street that is also called Ontario on the east side of St-Laurent. The PK building has a direct entrance to the Place-des-Arts metro station.

Here is our schedule for the evening:

  • 18h00: Opening
  • 18h20: Announcements
  • 18h30: Flash presentations
  • 19h00: Break
  • 19h20: Main presentation
Our main presenter will be Andrew Francis and he is going to walk us through his Survey of Stackless Python:

Over the years, Stackless Python has acquired a mystical reputation, mostly based around its micro-thread implement and its use in a really big MOORPG. Otherwise, relatively little is known about Stackless Python. I would like to change this...

In this talk, I will discuss what is Stackless Python and its relationship to Python. I will give an overview of key Stackless Python concepts. Special attention will be devoted to network programming. I will finish the talk with a mention of my own Stackless work and Stackless Python's future. Throughout the talk, I will suggest that Stackless Python true strength is not the performance of its concurrency model but rather its simplicity that gives insights as to what a Pythonic concurrency model would look like.

Living in Montreal, Andrew Francis has an academic background in the humanities, computer science, and management. Professionally, Andrew has worked at companies such as BNR, Omnimark, and Adobe Systems in California. Ever since 2005, Andrew has been playing with Stackless Python, as a part of his work with WS-BPEL, and he has never looked back! At Pycon 2008, Andrew gave the talk "Adventures in Stackless Python/Twisted Integration."

We still have a lot of open slots for flash presentations so don't hesitate to propose a talk. Also, our speaker pool is running low so please get in touch with us if you have an idea for a main presentation.