Here is a follow-up on Montréal Python 9.

First, the video was uploaded to our channel. It's currently queued for transcoding and should show up in the coming days.

Based on your feedback, we continue posting the slides and examples used during the presentations. Our flash presenters were:

  • Simon Law: Cygwinreg and ctypes -- Using the Windows registry from Cygwin (slides)
  • Mathieu Chartier: -- One of the largest Web development conference in North-America
  • Sébastien Pierre: Sink -- A tool to compare and keep directories in sync (slides)
  • Erik Wright: Django Lean -- A tool for lean development and A/B testing (slides)
  • Alexandre Vassalotti: Memory profiling for Python programs (slides, example)
  • Hugo Boyer: PyCUDA -- High performance computation using graphic cards (slides and examples)
Our main presenter was Andrew Francis on Stackless Python (slides).

Montréal-Python is a co-organizer of the conference and we'd like remind you that there is little less than four weeks to submit a talk proposal.

Also, there will be a BarCamp with a presentation on AppEngine at Station C on 2009-10-29. It would be a good occasion to have a small informall Python gathering.

Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors for Montréal Python 9: