ConFoo brings several experts in town and we take this opportunity to launch two sprints: one on TurboGears with Chris Perkins on 2010-03-13 starting at 10h30 am and one on Distribute with Tarek Ziadé on 2010-03-15 starting at 6 pm. Both sprints will be at Brasseurs Numériques' office, 1124 Marie-Anne, suite 11.

The TurboGears sprint will focus on polishing the code base and the documentation for the upcoming 2.1 release. Some work on the Sprox from generator and on the C5T CMS is also very likely. Anyone somewhat familiar with Pylons should be able to contribute.

The Distribute sprint will focus on implementing the newly accepted PEPs: 345, Metadata; and 386, version schemas. Anyone who've used Setuptools to some exetent should be able to contribute.

Bring your laptop or make a pairing agreement on with someone else. As usual, capacity is limited to 12 sprinters so please sign up on the mailing list.