Summer in Montréal, when it's not raining, is an immersing world of tempting pleasures. Falling Foulard, the 22th Montréal-Python meeting, will feature presentations on security and reverse engineering, the novel art of the electron-flirt. Join us on June 27th in room SH-R810 of the UQAM Sherbrook building for a fast paced volley of short presentations.

Montréal-Python 22 will start at 6:20 PM with the following schedule:

  • 18h00: Doors opening
  • 18h20: Announcements
  • 18h30: First salvo
  • 19h00: Break
  • 19h20: Second salvo
  • 20h30: Discussions and refreshments at Benelux
Flash presentations:
  • Sébastien Labbé and Franco Saliola on cryptography with Sage
  • Ian Jeffrey on Founder  Fuel
Longer presentations:
  • Gabriel Tremblay on Practical device firmware reverse engineering using Python (part 1)
  • Alexandre Bourget on the internals of SFL vault
  • Pierre-Marc Bureau on Basic Python for Malware analysis
  • Julien Desfossez on packet manipulation with scapy
The event is free to attend and no registration is required. Some snacks will be provided but do not expect a complete meal. We still have room for a few more flash prentations so let us know if you have an outrageous new subject in mind.

Thanks to our sponsors for making Montréal-Python 22 possible: