Open data, geolocation, and politics are going to bring us together on Monday the 26th for Montréal-Python 23 – Geosynchronous Glory.

A snacks will be provided but do not expect a complete meal.

The meeting will be held in room SH-3260 of the UQAM Sherbrooke building. According to our new formula, this meeting with keep you on the edge with a fast paced volley of 20 mins presentations.

Our schedule for the evening is:

  • 18h00: Doors open
  • 18h20: Annoucements
  • 18h30: First salvo
  • 19h10: Break
  • 19h25: Second salvo
  • 20h30: Beer(s) at Benelux

Our glorious presenters are going to be:

  • Sylvain Carle on WhereCamp – an event for geo-curious people
  • Jean schurger on Openstreetmap and Geocaching
  • Michael Mulley on
  • Jonathan Brun and Michael Lenczner on Montréal-Ouvert
  • Éric St-Jean on Écometrica

As usual, we are proud to receive the suport of numerous local actors who a willing to step in and to help their local group of Pythonistas to achieve their goals: