Montréal-Python and UQAM's Association générale des étudiants et étudiantes en informatique  (AGEEI, the student union of CS students) are proud to announce their very first French open attendance Python workshop.

You do not need to know any Python since this is going to be an Introduction to Python session.

Our MC for the evening is going to be Davin Baragiotta, vice-president of Montréal-Python and coordonator of information systems at Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).

The event is going to feature two parts:

  • The first part is going to bring us up to speed with the syntax, core data types, main modules of the standard library, and the intractive shell.
  • In the second part Davin will dive deep with a practical application of Python: building a Jabber bot.
The workshop is going to take place in room SH-R810 of the Shebrooke building of UQAM on November 17 from 6h30 PM to 9h PM.

AGEEI will provide pizza and refreshments.

Thank you to our sponsors Ludia and Savoir-faire Linux to help us creating this event!

All you have to bring is your curious brain, your sense of humour, and your laptop computer.

If you have some spare time, you can also get your system ready by installing Python 2.7 from the following site:

Ubuntu users are lucky here because all what they have to do is: sudo apt-get install python (if it's not installed already).

If  you don't have time to do the setup of if get lost,  DON'T PANIC.  We'll be there starting at 5h30 PM, and we'll help you get everything up and running.

To register, you simply have to sign up for free on the guestlist: