We are here today with solomn hearts, dear friends. As many of you may know, our previous president Yannick "What these glasses?!" Gingras will be leaving Montréal for the warmer pastures of San Francisco to work for none other than the one... Facebook.

It is indeed a great loss for Montréal Python, our city itself and all of us who call Yannick a friend. It's also a pretty severe loss for all the brew-pubs in Montréal Québec Canada. And yet, it is an exceptionally exciting move for Yannick; he has the opportunity to bring Python to something that millions of people use every day.

And so, with Yannick leaving and the winter just starting, what better time to celebrate - a sort of melancholy celebration - but a celebration nonetheless. The plan:

Wednesday, November 16th from 17h to "19h" at our staple, Benelux.

Join your fellow Pythonistas to wish Yannick a fantastic adventure and solidify his belief that Montréal Python is an amazing usergroup capable of amazing things. See you there !