Montréal-Python is proposing you to finally discover, in French this time, your obsessions on Twitter (or those of others) by reading and analysing Twitter feeds with Python. Yes finally, after more than 1 month of waiting in order to support the strike movement at the science faculty of UQAM, the workshop will be held next week.

Since we would not force you to cross the picket line, we've asked for help from our friends at Google Montréal: they are inviting us to their offices next Wednesday, April 4th, to continue our Python introduction workshop series.

Our workshops are open to all of you and are absolutely free. No need to have attended the previous ones to come. Only a minimal knowledge of Python is required (example: basic types).

Bring your laptop and try to install Python and ipython before the workshop. If you have any issues, the Montréal-Python team will be there to help you before the event (arrive early)

The installation procedure and all the needed informations about the workshop is in the wiki page of the workshop at : Atelier 2012-04-04 : Python : notions plus avancées et exploitation de l'API Twitter

Atelier 2012-04-04 : Python : advanced topics and using the Twitter API

  • Date : 2012-04-04 6:30pm to 9:00pm
  • Place : Google Montréal, 1253 McGill College, Montreal, QC H3B 2Y5

The schedule for the evening :

  • 6:00pm Doors opening and technical support
  • 6:30pm Begining of the workshop
  • 9:00pm End of the evening at Bénélux

Warning, only 30 places are available for this event, don't wait too long before subscribing!

Subscription :

À la r'voyure!