Pythonistas, let's continue our magnificent journey on the Pythonic Way. It's now time to dive head first in web development using Django, a Python web framework. Our last workshop [1] of the Winter 2012 series will show you that "Beautiful is better than ugly" and that "Simple is better than complex". -- Zen of Python

The Montréal-Python Rugby League (MPRL) [DoesNotExist] cruelly needs a web app to manage its teams and its season. In only 3 hours, we'll make this happen.

Let's code this together Wednesday on May 2nd at McGill University.

  • Date : 2012-05-02 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Place : McGill, Rutherford Building, room 118 3600 University Street [2]

The workshop will be in English but all nations are welcome. No need to know rugby nor having attended previous workshop. Our workshops are free and open to all.

The prerequisites, the technical setup and the content of this workshop can be found on the workshop's wiki page :

Django : building a Python web app

Please take time to install the softwares (Python, Django [, South, IPython]) before the workshop. If you bump into any issue during the installation, don't panic, Montréal-Python team will there at 5:30 PM to help you setup your laptop for the workshop, whatever OS you are running. The installation procedures are on the wiki page.

To be part of the scrum, please confirm your presence: Subscription :

N.B. : This workshop will be held in French the following week. Date and place to be confirmed here in a separate post.

Ready? So... Crouch! Touch! Pause! Engage!

[1] We originally planned 4 workshops for this Winter 2012 series, but supporting the student strike movement made us reorganize things. Lucky you, you might see yourself following the 4th workshop in the very first Montréal-Python Summer Workshop series!

[2] The room of this workshop is sponsored by : the Network Dynamics lab.