On Wednesday, January 23, Montréal-Python and Concordia University, are inviting anyone with an interest in learning Python programming to join our workshop.

No experience required, the workshop is geared towards newcomers of all sorts.
At the end, you will learn how to:
- manipulate text
- crunch numbers
- apply simple logic
- write simple scripts to automate simple tasks
The workshop will be held at Concordia’s EV building room 2.184 at 6:30pm.
The address is 1515 St. Catherine W. corner Guy.
Prerequisites: Please bring your laptop or pair up with someone who has one.
To learn more about the technical setup, you can visit the Workshop page : http://montrealpython.org/r/projects/workshops/wiki/2013-01-23.
If you need help setting up, we will be in the room 30 minutes before  the workshop to help you set up your environment with everything you  need to start programming.
See you there!