Montréal-Python crew is back from PyCon! We're inviting you to Montréal-Python 36: Trigonometric Tergiversation, our monthly presentations evening organised by the Python community in Montreal. Come meet us on Monday, the 8th of April, 2013 at UQÀM. We are immensely honored to host a broad array of speakers from as far away as Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Here is the lineup:

  • Guillaume Pratte - La performance d'une API en temps réel avec Graphite
  • Kamal Marhubi - Lording over your minions with salt

    Salt is a remote execution and configuration management tool written in Python. This talk will be an introduction to salt, focusing on the configuration management aspects. I'll talk about using it with Vagrant as an alternative to Chef or Puppet. I'll also demo using it to build up and control a machine on EC2 (network allowing).

  • Dan Callahan - The End of Passwords: Authentication with Mozilla Persona

    Mozilla wants to kill the password and save the open web. This talk explores the "how" and "why" of Mozilla Persona, a decentralized, cross-browser authentication system. Expect live coding, demos, and a deep dive into the architecture behind Persona.

Our regular features, Module of the Month by Rory Geoghegan and Person of the Month by Éric Araujo, will also be part of the program.


UQÀM Pavillon Sherbrooke, room SH-2620, 200 Sherbrook West.


  • 6:00pm — Doors open
  • 6:30pm — Presentations start
  • 7:30pm — Break
  • 7:45pm — Second round of presentations
  • 8:30pm — One free beer offered at the Bénélux just across the street

We'd like to thank our sponsors for their continued support:

  • UQÀM
  • Bénélux
  • Outbox
  • Ludia
  • Savoir-Faire Linux
  • Caravan
  • iWeb

See you on the 8th for a great evening!