Good news from the free open source software community :

  • Debian 7 "Wheezy" has been released
  • Debian Québec is born
  • Montréal-Python is going to celebrate this!

Ever dreamed of a fully functional and performant Python development workstation? Wanted to become a hacker so you attend Montréal-Python workshop but find yourself spending your time configuring your computer? That's history!

Come to the Debian release party this Saturday, May 11th at UQAM, starting at 12:30. You'll treat yourself to the brand new Debian and we'll set up a Python development environment together, 100% free open source software based, using Debian's packages.

Official announcement of release party organized by Debian Québec (in French) :

The complete address is : UQAM, Complexe des sciences Pierre-Dansereau, Cœur des Sciences (a.k.a "La Chaufferie"), 175, avenue du Président-Kennedy (COR-700)

The Montréal-Python icing on the cake: package installation for...

  • famous interactive interpreter IPython
  • preferred text editor
  • source versioning
  • virtual environments
  • scientific Python
  • Python for web development (frameworks, database drivers)

Fresh air that will dilate your bronchi for sure! Be there.

Presentation material here :