Summer has been officially launched PyCon also and we have great news Pythonitas. If you've missed our last event, the videos of MP38 are now officially online !

In the mean time, if you are interested at presenting at our next event, send us an email, we are preparing another edition of our monthly events for the beginning of september!

Module of the Month: sh
by Rory Geoghegan
La personne du mois: Diana Clarke
by Éric Araujo
Écrire un décompilateur C en Python
by Francois "EiNSTeiN_" Chagnon
OS deduplication with SIDUS
by Marianne Corvellec
Competitive data-mining with R and Python
by Corey Chiverspresents
Design Patterns in Python
by Jean-Philippe Caissy and Rory Geoghegan

We would like to the thanks Christian Aubry and Savoir-Faire Linux for the production