Summer is over !

We're having our first Monthly Meetup of the season, MP39, on Monday September 9th, right before the Pycon 2014 Call For Speakers which will end on September 15th.

This time, our friends from Google Montreal will welcome us in their downtown offices with pizza and refreshments. It will be an opportunity for you to listen at some of the best speakers in town (some of them were at PyCon Canada this summer). They need your feeback and your support for what everyone is starting to call the "Big" PyCon.

Don't forget, it is in less than a week !

New: Between each talk and during the first part of the evening you are invited to jump on the stage and present something you would like to talk about. Surprise us, it is your opportunity to show your Python talents.

Since this event is being held at Google's offices, you MUST reserve your place, on our Eventbrite page:

Where: 1253 Avenue McGill College #150 Montréal, QC H3B Canada

Lightning Talks:

  • Mathieu Leduc-Hamel - News from PyCon
  • Rory Geoghegan - Module of the Month: progressbar
  • Éric Araujo - Person of the Month
  • Nicolas Lupien: (
  • Julie Lavoie - Women-haters gonna hate: Analyzing rap lyrics using Python and BeautifulSoup
  • Kamal Marhubi - 250 GB RAM for 34¢/hour
  • Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso - Revsets in Mercurial


  • Greg Ward - Go for Python Hackers
  • Julia Evans - Diving into Open Data with IPython Notebook & pandas
  • Hadrien David - The Joys and Pains of Using Pyramid
  • Yannick Hold-Geoffroy - Le Python académique au Québec


  • 6:30pm — Doors open
  • 7:00pm — Introduction and announcements
  • 7:15pm — Presentations start
  • 8:00pm — Break
  • 8:15pm — Second round of presentations
  • 9:00pm — Beer at Benelux: (
  • Thanks to Benelux for the free glass of beer after the meeting

    We’d like to thank our sponsors for their continued support:

    • UQÀM
    • Bénélux
    • Outbox
    • Ludia
    • Savoir-Faire Linux
    • Caravan
    • iWeb
    • Shopify