Sooner or later, psychology researchers have do deal with data. They collect, transform or analyse data as other scientists do. Then, why not embrace Python strength as more and more researchers do with the help of the Scientific Python's stack? Montréal-Python is here to help start this journey from the beginning, helping to put hands on the Python language.

Montréal-Python is proud to announced its first workshop organized in collaboration with INPSYCH Workshops, Department of Psychology, Concordia University.

Unfortunately, for logistic reasons, this workshop is not open to all. Registration has been communicated by INPSYCH Workshops. This workshop is designed for psychology students at all levels. No programming experience necessary.

At the end of this workshop, students will have learn to:

  • explore by themselves Python's potential through experimentation and introspection in the interpretor
  • master the basic notions : types, fonctions, conditionnals, iterations...
  • write a script
  • import Python's power

For those who will attend : Here's the complete content of the workshop.

The workshop will be:

  • Tuesday, the 18th of March 2014
  • from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • room SP-157 of Concordia University

Bring your laptop or pair up with someone else.

You'll need Python running on your computer. It's also recommended to have IPython installed.

Generally speaking, if you want to have fun with the code in Montréal-Python workshops without loosing your time with configuring your machine and if you want a guaranteed support by the assistants, do yourself a favor and get a developer workstation on Ubuntu by following these simple steps.

If you need help to setup your development environment, we'll be there to help before the workshop, starting at 5:30 PM.

See you soon!