We are happy to announce our next meeting, Montréal-Python 46: Electronic Frontier, will be held at UQAM on Monday, May 12th.

It's such a pleasure, just a couple of weeks after PyCon, to come back to community and share what we've learned. Please don't forget to have a look at pyvideo.org if you want to watch ALL the talks from this year's PyCon and the previous ones.

We especially love to hear from new speakers. If you haven't given a talk at Montréal-Python before, a 5 or 10 minute lightning talk would be a great start.

Some topic suggestions:

  • Give a beginner's introduction to a Python library you've been using!
  • Talk about a project you're working on!
  • Show us unit testing, continuous integration or Python documentation tools!
  • Tell us about a Python performance problem you've run into and how you solved it!
  • The standard Python library is full of amazing things. Have you learned how multiprocessing or threading or GUI programming works recently? Tell us about it!
  • Explain how to get started with Django in 5 minutes!

Lightning talks are a great way to get started with speaking -- they're easy to prepare, and a great way to tell everyone about something you're excited about. There's no such thing as a too basic topic -- if you give a 5 minutes introduction to Django, there will definitely be people in the audience who have never used it before and will find it helpful.

If you discovered or learned something that you find interesting, we'd love to help you let others learn about it!

We're also looking for proposals for 20 or 45 minute talks, as usual.

Send your proposals to mtlpyteam@googlegroups.com.