We are looking for speakers for short and longer presentation (5-45mins). Especially, for people who would like to present a lighting talk at PyCon. We want to give you this opportunity to practice your talk. For more informations, please have a look at PyCon website at: https://us.pycon.org/2015/.

If you are willing to take this opportunity and come show us what you are doing, send us a blurb and give a small introduction to what you are doing at the following email address:


In the mean time, we are lucky to have 2 speakers from Montreal who will present at PyCon. They will be on stage at this event, and it is your opportunity to have a preview of their talk:

Julia Evans: Systems programming as a swiss army knife

You might think of the Linux kernel as something that only kernel developers need to know about. Not so! It turns out that understanding some basics about kernels and systems programming makes you a better developer, and you can use this knowledge when debugging your normal everyday Python programs.

Greg Ward: How to Write Reusable Code

Learning to write high-quality, reusable code takes years of dedicated work. Or you can take a shortcut: attend this talk and learn some of the tricks I've figured out over a couple of decades of programming.


Monday, the March 16th 2015


  • 6:00pm — Doors open
  • 6:30pm — Presentations start
  • 7:30pm — Break
  • 7:45pm — Second round of presentations
  • 9:00pm — One free beer offered at Bénélux just across the street

We’d like to thank our sponsors for their continuous support:

  • UQÀM
  • Bénélux
  • w.illi.am/
  • Outbox
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