It's been a wonderful and pretty stressful 2 years in a row of PyCon in Montréal. We've took some time to rest and started thinking about our next event.

The sprints inspired ourselves and we've decided to start them back within a project night that will allow us to put our hands in the code.

The idea is to invite you, the Python Community from Montréal to participate and to code on opensource and inspiring Python Project. If you want to work and share your project with some local Pythonisthas, please let us know and we'll add your project to the list.


Work on website

The Python website has been rebuilt and it's based on the Django framework. There's always things to fix and implement and we would like to participate. We are going to base our work on its github project and the tickets in openhatch.

More info

Data science on the PyCon retranscription

The talks at PyCon were retranscripted live. That makes awesone data to analyse and visualize. Let's find out what was the hottest topic, for instance.

Python and Openstack

Openstack is a collection of python microservices used to run a cloud cluster. This is going to be a introduction to how to contribute to the openstack community. The goal is to commit a patch to one of the Openstack community.

Take the time to read the introduction to contributing to Openstack.

Other or personal projects

If you have an exciting project you want to sprint on with others, tell us when you arrive on site so we can announce it and save a space for your team (you might need to mentor newcomers on this project)! Also, as ever, if you just want to take advantage of the febrile coding atmosphere to put some love in your own projects, you're most welcome : just come and code.


Thursday May 14th at 6pm


Our friends from La gare are welcoming us at 5333 Casgrain. Please go look at their website, they have awesome office space :)


Please register your place at

Eventbrite - Python Project Night X - Soirée de Projet Python X

See you soon and happy hacking !