Ladies and Gentlemen, we at Montreal Python are super excited for 2016 and we have come up with some great ideas.

In order to turn these ideas into reality, we will need some help. Montreal Python is an open community and collaboration is key to our success. So we are inviting beginners, experts and newcomers to join us at our next organization meeting on Monday February 8th.

Here we will discuss topics about:

  • Annual event / conference
  • Workshops
  • Hackathons / Project nights
  • The future of Montreal Python / elections

Montreal has a pretty exciting Python scene, and thanks to the community that is something we'll maintain for years to come. It is now your chance to come and make things happening.


Monday February 8th at 6pm


Shopify Offices 490 rue de la Gauchetière west


Anyone who want to help or is curious about the Python Community in Montreal

For those that can't attend, don't worry, send us a email with your ideas at