It's back-to-everything and Montreal-Python is no exception! Join us at our first meetup of Fall and meet us at Benelux for some networking after the event!

We still have lightning talk spots (5 minutes). If you are interested send su an email to

Montreal-Python is open to everybody, no matter your Python level.


October 2nd, 2017 at 6PM

• 6:00PM - Doors will open

• 6:30PM - Start of presentations

• 7:15PM - Break

• 8:00PM - End of event

• 8:30PM - Networking at Benelux - Sherbrooke


Shopify - 490 de la Gauchetière Ouest suite 300, Montréal, QC

Lighting Talks

Making graphical interfaces from geometric primitives - Zhentao Li


Introduction to Apache Airflow - Merouane Benthameur

Data integration tools and workflow schedulers come with huge variety these days, but most of them are commercial. Apache incubator has recently introduced Airflow, which is originally developed by RBNB.

Airflow is an open source platform to programmatically author, Schedule and monitor data pipelines. At the talk, we will cover the principal components and functionalities of Airflow, as well as the integration and managing workflows.

On distributed architectures and services patterns - Ismael Serratos

Even though the hype for micro architectures and serverless applications is starting to get low we all face the results of it in some way or another. This talk aims to provide a tour on how RPC can go very good or very wrong. At the same time some comparisons will be made between the most common used stacks to create distributed service architectures.

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