It may be the middle of winter but it's no reason to stay at home. Take out your warmest toque, your snowshoes and join us at Notman House for the first event of the season.


  • 6:00PM - Doors open
  • 6:30PM - Presentations start
  • 7:30PM - Break
  • 9:00PM - End of the event
  • 9:15PM - Benelux


How to use PGP with Git and why you should care - Konstantin Ryabitsev

Git supports PGP signatures for the purposes of tracking code provenance and to ensure the integrity of repository clones across multiple mirrors. In this talk, we will discuss how your project can benefit from PGP-signing your tags and your commits, and will look at available resources that will help you get started with minimal pain.

Gestion de configuration - Michel Rondeau

La gestion de la configuration avec la librairie standard de Python est efficace tant que le format « ini » convient. Nous voulions la reproduire tout en supportant n’importe quel format de fichier. La solution retenue fonctionne par événements et plugiciel (plug-ins) afin d’ajouter ou d’enlever des fonctionnalités dynamiquement . Il est maintenant possible de gérer les formats Excel, Yaml, JSON, etc. Nous verrons comment mettre en place une fil d’événements élégante en Python telle qu’utiliser dans ce projet.

morpheOm - François Robert

Depuis que le Xerox Lab de Palo Alto a inventé le desktop, les interfaces usagers ont peu changé. Heureusement, téléphones et tablettes ont aidé, mais sommes-nous mûrs pour un plus grand changement ?

How to Aggregate User’s Interest Data using PySpark – A Short Tutorial - Abbas Taher

Spark is one the most popular Big Data frameworks and PySpark is the API to use Spark from Python. PySpark is a great choice when you need to scale up your jobs to work with large files. In this short tutorial we shall present 3 methods to aggregate data. First we shall use Python dictionaries, then we shall present the two methods “GroupBy” and “ReduceBy” to do the same aggregation work. The three code snippets will be presented and explained using a Jupyter Notebook.


February 5th at 6:00PM


Notman House 51 Sherbrooke West Montréal, QC H2X 1X2