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A great number of you watched the conference part of Montréal-Python 76 – Tonic Glacier. Thank you!

Our spectacularly virtual combo is now proceeding with the cyber hackathon. Here is all the information.

For many weeks now, our challenging times gave birth to projects to help us face the COVID-19 crisis. The Tonic Glacier Cyber Hackathon organized by Montréal-Python is an opportunity to move forward existing projects and to start new ones. This online gathering will take place from May 1st to May 3, 2020. To your calendars!

You do not have to know Python, you do not have to be a programmer: our goal is to act as a gathering of a diversified set of skills and knowledge in order to make ideas a reality and to move projects forward.

You can help during the cyber hackathon if:

  • You have identified a concrete need in your community and you want to better define ways to address it;
  • You are good with project management and you would like to help a team structure its work;
  • You are a developer and you would like to implement a technical solution for one of the projects;
  • You are a community organization and you have a project for with you need techincal help or that you - would like to promote;
  • You are a business and you would like to change how you do work during this time of crisis;

… and most importantly: - You are a citizen and you want to get involved with a project related to the crisis.

As organizers of the Cyber Hackathon Tonic Glacier, we tip our hats to the population for its collective response to the COVID-19 crisis. Together, #cavabienaller

Join us on on the Montréal-Python Slack, channel #hackathon!

We also encourage you to join the event on and to tell us more about your skills with the participation form.

Get inspiration from the many datasets available. See and propose projects on this page.

For all the information regarding the hackathon: Contact us: