Pythonistas, Pythonistinas,

Montréal-Python 76, Tonic Glacier, is almost to our doors and we know you are just as enthusiasts as we are to hit COVID-19 hard with your mechanical keyboard. Here is where we are.

Virtual conference

The conference will be on Monday April 20th as 5:30 PM (EDT) on both Slack and on the Montréal-Python YouTube channel.

The main presentation is going to be Emmanuelle Gouillart from Plotly who is going to tell us about Interactive image processing with scikit-image and Dash!


The hackathon is going to be from May 1st to May 3rd 2020!

The event will be a virtual gathering place for people working on projects related to the pandemic and people who want to get involved. The projects can either be entirely new ideas or existing ones that could use more hands. This is not a competition. Everyone that makes progress or learns something new wins!

You do not have to know Python or even to be a software developer. Our goal is to bring together various skills and knowledge to flesh up ideas and move projects forward.

Stay tuned for the hackathon Web page where we will provide all the details on how to share your ideas and where to contribute.