Pythonistas, The Tonic Glacier hackathon of our 76th Montréal-Python event wrapped up on Sunday May 3rd on a very positive note. Hackers worked on three different project related to the COVID-19 crisis, notably:

  • SantéLibre is a free collective of makers, professors, researchers, engineers, health experts, designers, managers, entrepreneurs and citizens in order to take up a major challenge: meet the equipment needs of the Quebec health system. The goal for the hackathon was to produce an interactive map showing the needs in personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety equipment of the various healthcare providers. The team managed to create an Odoo module by integrating Leaflet with existing geolocation modules. The results are displayed on a multiple maps. Most of the work is done, what is left is personalizing for SantéLibre and, ideally, finding a designer to make everything more stylish. More info on the project website:
  • is an interactive dashboard making public data easier to visualize. The project has moved to a new hosting provider, simplified it's dependencies management, added a new graph (death by housing type), and automated data gathering with a Web scraper. All these improvements will make it easier for Jeremy Moreau, the project original author, to keep the site up to date.
  • The Winnipeg Phoenix Coalition is a project focused on gathering information about the ways that non-profits are organizing themselves for optimal crisis response. The main goal for the hackathon was to explore potential solutions for data collection and analysis, and to see how to best answer the Coalition data needs in a fast, reliable way. The progress made during the week-end enabled the Coalition to establish the guidelines for a minimal viable product (MVP). The leader of this project, Daniel Waycik, can be reached at

Thanks to everyone for joining us over the weekend. Together, #çavabienaller.

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We are grateful to Caravan Coop who supported us for Montréal-Python 76.