February, the month when we type really slowly because of frozen fingers, but also the month when love warms our heart!

With bountiful passion for our favourite language, we are putting together Minimal Night, our monthly meeting for February. Join us on February 15, 2021 at 6pm (Montréal time).

For you that night, we have:

  • For the love of beautiful command lines with Argparse, the module of the month (FR);
  • Authorization and SQLAlchemy, a lovely match! by Sam Scott (EN);
  • Sharing the love of Python with your customers with consulting by Matt Harrison (EN).

This is a lot of exaltation and it complets our programme for this meeting. We still have room, however for our March meeting. If you are in love with a Python project of with an elegant module, come and tell us about it! Send us your proposal by email (mtlpyteam@googlegroups.com).

We love you!