Après la grande réussite de notre rencontre chez Ubisoft, on continue nos soirées de présentations avec Montréal Python 60 "Hipster Gravitationnel" qui aura lieu cette fois à WeWork, le mardi 1er novembre.

Ce sera l'opportunité d'avoir un avant goût de la conférence [PyCon Canada]((https://2016.pycon.ca/fr/), qui se tiendra à Toronto du 12 au 15 novembre!

Pour l'occasion, nous avons invité quelques présentateurs sélectionnés à PyCon Canada afin de leur permettre de pratiquer leur présentation. Cette édition de Montréal-Python vous sera présentée grâce au support de nos amis de chez Immunio.

WeWork - 3 Place Ville-Marie, 4e étage


  • 1er novembre 2016


  • 18h00 - Ouverture des portes
  • 18h30 - Début des présentations
  • 19h30 - Break
  • 19h45 - Deuxième série de présentations
  • 21h00 - Fin de la soirée, venez prendre un verre avec nous!


Roberto Rocha: Beautiful Pandas

Pandas is a powerful data analysis library that rivals R among data scientists. It's also gaining popularity in journalism. Pandas can: - Read multiple data formats, including CSV, Excel, SQL, JSON, HTML, Stata, HDF, and others - Reshape and pivot tables in flexible ways - Filter data - Perform quick aggregations on categorical data - Visualize data so you can quickly see what it looks like In this talk, Roberto will show how easy it is to get started and find interesting stories in big, complex datasets.


Hadrien David: Painful Serverless

Serverless architecture is a hot topic: It promises low operational costs, infinite scalability, less management. In reality, it strongly challenges the way you design, implement and deploy your application. Moreover, you have to choose amongst a variety of vendors providing function as a service platform (FaaS) with highly opinionated and different APIs. This talk aims to release the pain by presenting a summary of nice idioms and practises with python examples based on AWS Lambdas.


Marc-André Giroux: Becoming a REST elitist in 10 minutes

You finish what you think is the best REST API anyone has ever seen. Proud of your work, you decide to post it on the internet and collect the appraisal of you peers. To your surprise, your API receives comments like "This is not REST! This is simply JSON over HTTP!" or "Oh my god, this is only a level 2 REST API!". It's time to learn how to become a REST elitist and fight back.


Jean-Philippe Caissy: From idea to production in 20 minutes: engineering at scale

Shopify strives to be an ever moving company. With a strong force of hundreds in the R&D team, the challenges to keep delivering and shipping scaled accordingly.

From a manual CLI that only ops could execute just a few years back, to today’s automatic 180+ deploys a day, this talk will highlight the different tools, processes and integrations used throughout the team that fuels today's scale.


Greg Ward: Version control worst practices with

Nowadays, everybody uses version control. But until you learn to misuse your version control system, you're missing out on ways to minimize developer productivity and pessimize your workflow. I'll show you 12 time-tested worst practices that will set you down the wrong path from Day One.


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