During the last packaging sprint, we were kind of clueless. Tarek Ziade is coming to the rescue, and will be coaching us live from Dijon, France.

Thanks to his support and the many questions you will be able to ask him, we hope we can bring some real improvements to Python packaging (distutils2, distribute, and PyPi). That way we'll be able to make a real contribution to the community, and bring the future of Python packaging closer.

We recommend everyone to read carefully The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Packaging and to ask any questions you may have on the mailing list before Saturday.

Next saturday (2010-05-22), from 2pm to 1am, we will be holding the next packaging sprint, at Brasseurs Numeriques (1124 Marie-Anne, bur. 11). Every Python programmer looking to help is welcome, whether it is to help on code or documentation.

Bring your laptop or make a pairing arrangement on the mailing list beforehand. We have a capacity of 12 seats, please RSVP on the wiki. We don't have any sponsors for this sprint, but this won't stop us. Bring your refreshments, and we will place a group order for supper around 7pm.