About Montréal-Python

Montréal-Python is a group for the users of the Python programming language in the Montréal area. Our goal is to build a strong local community by putting together programmers, project leaders, artists, scientists and service providers. Our main events are the Montréal-Python mini-conferences that occur every 4 to 6 weeks. Every mini-conference takes place after work and lasts about 90 minutes; it features 2 to 4 presentations lasting 5 to 30 minutes.

Since 2020, Montréal-Python is primarily happening online. All presentations are technical in nature and at least loosely related to the Python programming language ​http://python.org​. They include tutorials, demonstrations, success stories, and general commentaries on the tools and aspects of the language.

Who goes there?

The audience is certainly technical; many top Montréal programmers will see each other at the events. Others are newcomers to the language or just generally geeky people who are interested in technology. The crowd contains several CTOs, lead developers, and other strategic decision-makers from both startups as well as other established IT organizations from the Montréal area. The number of people attending the Montréal-Python presentations is usually between 10 and 50​. Consistently, most of the attendees enjoy their time and come back event after event.

Our group is strong of over 5000 members on Meetup.com and 4300 on Youtube.

Why sponsor Montréal-Python?

We have a strong commitment to the exposure of our sponsors. Sponsorships help us to keep the events free of charge which is a key point of our success. By sponsoring Montréal-Python, you will: Foster the growth of a healthy and inclusive local community; Make yourself known to top programmers, lead developers and very smart people who might be interested in working for you — now or later; Gain visibility for both recruiting and promotion of your product and services: banners, quick introduction, etc. ; Increase your profile in this very smart community of leaders in their fields.

Sponsorship Levels

Benefits Silver Gold Platinum
5 mins presentation on your organisation at the start of the event no yes yes
Blog post describing your organisation (500 words) no no yes
Value $200 $500 $1200

Faceted Sponsorship

In addition to the "packaged" sponsorships listed below, we encourage sponsoring aspects of the meetups. For example, at each event we provide beverages and snacks for attendees, and, standard Montréal-Python tradition we all gather at a nearby pub for beers after the formal presentations.

The standard process for faceted sponsorship is as follows: you propose the aspect you wish to sponsor as well as the amount you are willing to provide. The amount you sponsor will be adjusted by 30% to cover any additional costs; if you propose $100 for a round of drinks, you will be paying for $70 of beers.

Depending on the number of sponsors, we may set a minimum amount to ensure full supplies.

Custom Sponsorships

We're eager to work with you on ideas for "less conventional" sponsorships. We are always happy to work with innovators and local leaders.

If you have a service or a product that you can provide for the event, we'll evaluate your contribution and you will be entitled to the full privileges of the corresponding sponsorship level. Interesting contributions could include gift certificates for your products, refreshments, technical books, consulting time, or audio-video equipment rental.