Montréal-Python 16 will take place in room PK-1620 of UQAM on 2010-10-18. This is in the President-Kennedy building. It will be a Python in the cloud themed edition.

Here is our schedule for the evening:

  • 18h00: Opening
  • 18h20: Announcements
  • 18h30: Flash presentations
  • 19h00: Break
  • 19h20: Main presentations
  • 20h30: Discussions and refreshments at Benelux

Flash presenters will be:

  • Cyril Robert on CalDAV for Python
  • George Peristerakis on an introduction to lib2to3
  • Ben Yoskovitz on Year One Labs
  • Amos Latteier on sending SMS with a GSM modem from Python
  • Jean Schurger on Developping Python apps for Android

Our main preseter is going to be Simon Law and he is going to talk about Deploying scalable Web applications in Python:

Python Web applications are easy to build. There are lots of Web frameworks to choose and Python is a fast, easy language for creating large Web applications. However, deploying them is another matter. In this talk, you'll learn about the deployment of scalable Web applications: your options, the tradeoffs, and upcoming projects that will make the process more tractable.
Simon Law is a jack-of-all-trades based in Montreal. He has deployed Python Web applications too many times for his own sanity. This talk is meant to help you retain yours.

Thanks to our sponsors for making Montréal-Python 16 possible: