It's a pleasure for me to announce today that a new website is online for our groupe, Montréal-Python.

After multiple months of work we now have a new website, with a fresh design which look like us and before everything: in Python !

I would like to thanks for their help and for their amazing work:

  • Pior Bastida - Development, deployment
  • Benoit Clennett-Sirois - Development
  • André Farzat - Development, integration
  • Rory Geoghegan - Development
  • George Peristerakis - Development
  • Ha-Loan Phan - Edition
  • Jonathan Poirier - Design

Thanks also a lot to Caravan, for your help and your support, we've made it !

Go look at it !

Let us know if you would like something different !

Let un know what you like !

Thanks !