On Monday, November the 17th, the NAD Centre will partner up with our friends at [Savoir-Faire Linux to organize a "Python and VFX" meetup. Python is ubiquitous in the world of special effects: from Maya to Softimage and 3D Studio Max, not to mention Blender of course.

The presentations will be held at NAD Centre, 405 rue Ogilvy, 3rd floor, at 6PM.

As you rpobably know, we've already had an event about VFX and Python during MP31:http://montrealpython.org/fr/2012/09/mp31/.

And this one is promissing to be very interesting if you are using any 3D software or if you would like to know more about real case study of useful way of using Python.

Program for the evening:

  • 6:00PM – Welcome
  • 6:30PM – Eric Thivierge, Rigging R&D at Hybride Technologie “Python: Bridging Technologies”
  • 7:00PM – Dave Lajoie, R&D Director at Digital District “Python in a vfx/animation pipeline”
  • 7:45PM – Jordi Riera, Python Software Developer at Savoir-Faire Linux “How to train your Python or how to improve python codes”
  • 8:15PM – Networking
  • 9:00PM – Wrap up

Don't forget to register your place at: http://elite.nad.ca/product/meetup-python-2/

For more informations:

See you there !