Enjoy our May meetup just in time before PyCon US with these amazing speakers - 2 of which will be be presenting at PyCon!

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Thanks to Google Montreal for sponsoring the event!


Survival analysis for conversion rates - Tristan Boudreault

What percentage of your users will spend? Typically, analysts use the conversion rate to assess how successful a website is at converting trial users into paying ones. But is this calculation giving us results that are lower than reality? With a talk rich in examples, Tristan will show how Shopify reframes the traditional conversion questions in survival analysis terms.

Data Science at Shopify - Françoise Provencher

Françoise is a data science technical lead at Shopify, a multi-channel commerce platform that has a decade-worth of data on a very diverse set of businesses. We’ll hear about how Python is particularly useful when it comes to understanding Shopify’s user base by sifting through tons of data.

This presentation will be in English.

Integrate Geocode data with Python - Jean Luc Semedo

Les applications intégrant des modules de géolocalisation sont de plus en plus demandées. Avec Python, il existe de nombreuses librairies permettant de gérer la géolocalisation de façon native et très simplement. Nous allons durant cette présentation en survoler quelques-unes : Geopy, pyproj, Mapnik, GeoDjango...

Jean Luc SEMEDO, Back-end and mobile developper en Freelance


  • 6:00PM - Doors open
  • 6:30PM - Presentations
  • 8:30PM - End of the event
  • 9:00PM - Benelux


Monday, May 7th, 2018 at 6:00PM


Google Montréal 1253 McGill College #150 Montréal, QC